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Delval Divas Reviews

Delval Divas - Neston Players - 10.5.18

A very quirky play which I had never seen of even heard of before.  This comedy features six actresses in a most unusual play about 4 (eventually 5) white collar criminals incarcerated at the Delaware Valley Correctional Institution.  The joke is that these women are rich, educated and powerful and have taken over the entire prison structure, for their own benefit, including sending out for gourmet meals and even sending the warden and his wife on a Christmas cruise.  To such an extent that the play opens with one of the 4 in floods of tears because she is about to be discharged and is very unwilling to leave!

The story revolves around these white-collar criminals, convicted of financial and computer crimes finding out that the prison is scheduled to be closed and they will be moved to ordinary prisons with the general prison population.  At the same time, they learn that one of their number will be replaced by a new inmate who is accused of murdering her ex-husband's new wife.


Neston choose to play this on a thrust stage, and the set was excellent.  With just 4 identical beds with metal headboards and black and white striped bedding, which made an excellent effect.


Although the subject matter perhaps does not sound particularly funny there were very many laugh out loud moments, and we were treated to six very good character portrayals all different enough to engage and keep the interest of the audience throughout the entire play.


Many congratulations to Neston Players for an evening of pure escapism, well directed and acted and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by their almost 'house-full' audience.


Christine Hunter Hughes - 10/5/18

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