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Cliff Inns

1939 - 2017

Director, Actor, Friend.


Cliff's funeral will be held at Blacon on Wednesday June 28th at 1.20pm.

All welcome.

Also, as a celebration of Cliff’s life, there will be an ‘arty farty afternoon’ at The Brown Horse after the funeral on the topic of Cliff and Humour...


Humour was a strong trait in Cliff. 


Many, many years ago, before a lot of the current cohort of the Players were members, we used to meet on a fairly regular basis in the basement of Cliff's previous house to have, what I think it was Gordon who christened them as, Arty Farty nights. The name stuck.  We would choose topics and then bring poetry, prose, music or thoughts to these evenings. ( I seem to remember we tried to work our way through the seven deadly sins!) Sometimes we would read plays but mostly it involved a lot of alcohol and a considerable amount of laughter. 


Cliff, the instigator, always had a desire to resurrect these evenings.


Cliff also, would be the first to make the connection that funeral is in fact an anagram of real fun.


So, as a celebration of who he was, we propose to have an Arty Farty afternoon after the funeral at the Brown Horse where people can contribute in the same way. This time the topic would be Cliff and Humour. 


I would ask that anyone who has ANYTHING at all that might be relevant, be it personal memories, poems, prose or song be invited to contribute.




"He was our best friend, kind, funny, talented in so, so many ways . We are lost without him. X"


" of the worlds true gentlemen and such an inspiring person to many ! I am so glad I was lucky enough to meet you and learnt so much from you during the Enchanted April days. You will be missed and never forgotten. I will never forget our singing practice of O Holy Night - lovely memories always"


"I regret not knowing you better but have great admiration for what you have done for Neston Players. We are a better group for all your contributions."


"He was such a gentleman, I learnt a lot from him; a great loss."


"What a wonderful gentleman cliff was . Did not know him long but I admired him"


"Cliff, was a true gentleman.  I could listen to his voice for hours.  Thank you for everything"


"...a lovely man,Colaidh go Saibh,may Cliff Rest in Peace."


"...he was a very pleasant, extremely well read and experienced actor and director. I know that he will be missed by Neston Players."


"He will be sorely missed by all that knew him."


"A gentleman and a scholar. Loyal and committed to not only Neston Players but his friends. Cliff you were loved by many and will be missed by all. I remember you mostly for your friendship, your humour and true-heartedness and your kindness to my father. Rest well my friend "


"...he was so lovely when I first joined Neston Players. Cliff I remember you saying to me 'I wasn't sure about this idea of someone helping me with the painting (he pauses, smiles for what seemed like hours, and then says) But you're Ok, you can stay' . Such a warm, funny interesting man I got to know during that time. A true gent, good night and god bless"


"A Neston Players stalwart and an old fashioned gent who will be sorely missed by many folk."


"...the best thing would be to post words of the great man himself ... this is his self penned biog from Once a Catholic ...

"Cliff is no new face to the local audiences despite several aborted attempts at plastic surgery. He prefers comic roles, even in straight drama, and handles the different stage settings of overturned railway carriages, garden benches, kitchen tables and double beds with equal ease and enjoyment. He models his acting strategy on Paul Newman in “The Great Escape” and loves being on stage with Marnie because she learns his lines as well - which makes life much easier. He has written several one act plays which have been turned down by famous West End theatres and the Zimbabwe National Folk Dancing Company. He is a great believer in vitamin therapy done by star signs."


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