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​Committee Member Roles



The positions together with their Role Responsibilities are listed below and please note that we would also like 2 general members, which would be ideal for those people who just want to help out and share ideas rather than having a specific role.  Please read these and put your name forward if you feel you are suited for a particular position and wish to stand for election.


Just email if you want to stand and give details of which role you are interested in.

Committee Members Roles and  Responsibilities:-


  1. Holder and manager of the society constitution and rules 

  2. Provide the vision for the Society over the year 

  3. Chair all Committee meetings, creating agendas 

  4. Ensure the Committee is keeping to task and providing the membership what it wants and needs

  5. General Marketing and Society promotion 6. Prepare Chairperson's Report for committee meetings and AGM and subsequent inclusion in written minutes

Vice Chair

  1. Deputise for the Chair to ensure continuity 2. Community Partnership opportunities (sponsorship / out of area) 3. Seek where we can find funding opportunitie


  1. Finance Management

  2. Logs all payments in and out for all spending and created reports 

  3. Works with Directors and Production Manager for budgeting 

  4. Managing Ticket sales and Box Office for all productions 

  5. Oversees the Social Secretary for all budgeting and ticketed events 

  6. Membership Subs: Generate communications out and control of membership list for paid subs


Social Manager

  1. Development and promoting regular social event for the society  

  2. Liaise with the Production Manager to handle all after-show party arrangements including food  

  3. Liaise with the Treasurer for budgets and cash handling for ticketed events  

  4. Work with a team of members and volunteers to ensure events go-ahead as planned  

  5. Work with the Play Reading Manager and members to encourage society events into our Community  

  6. Holds own budget for each approved event  

  7. Responsible for members emails out and Social media comms for events. social@NP?? ?  

  8. Ensure new members are contacted and sent an information pack. Offer and arrange to meet these people, at our next play, rehearsal or social event.  Depending if they have the Internet, it could include:

    • a welcome letter from the Chairman - our most recent programme

    • our most recent Newsletter

    • our website address or a Members’ Handbook


General Secretary 

  1. Meeting Minutes and other non membership communications

  2. Take minutes at committee meetings and AGM.

  3. Receive, and record in minutes, apologies from non-attendees.

  4. Following meetings, write up minutes in full and distribute by email or post as required.  

  5. Receive and reply to correspondence and telephone communications and forward or action as required.

  6. Shall for all meetings, arrange that:

    • The room is available

    • Any information required for an item on the agenda is available

    • All members of the Committee are notified

    • For a meeting invite any person required for an item

  7. Receive, acknowledge and respond to enquiries from potential new members and pass such information to the Social Secretary for introduction.


Costume Manager

  1. Production Costume management and storage management 

  2. Liaise with the Play Reading Manager and Productions Manager regarding costumes challenges or merits of suggested productions 

  3. When productions are approved, create a costume team to support the Director and Production Manager 

  4. Hold your own approved budget for each production


Play Reading Manager

  1. Arranging Monthly Play Management.  

  2. Encourage members to put forward suggestions for play reading and full productions  

  3. Liaise with Committee for planning the productions and review / discuss merits of suggested plays in conjunction with the Production Manager and Costume Manager  

  4. Liaise with the Social Secretary for suggested 'Social Play Reading' evenings and events  

  5. Encourage members to generate ideas to take into our Community and work with the Social Secretary to make these happen if approved  

  6. Responsible for communications (email) within the play reading group. 


Production Committee Liaison

  1. Supporting current production manager 

General Members x 2

  1. Supporting role - assist where required



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