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Delval Divas

A comedy by Barbara Pease Weber

Directed by Jo Rymer

9th - 12th May 2018


Stella Wild, MBA, Rosemary Adams, JD, MBA, Linda Robertson, M.D., Ph.D., and Beth Ziegler, MBA, have quite a few things in common.  Besides being educated, successful, professional women, they also share the same address.  It isn't a swanky high rise apartment building or a beachfront condominium.  Rather, they reside at the Delaware Valley Federal Correctional Facility, a low level security prison for white and "pink" collar criminals.


With the Warden in one pocket and their Corrections Officer in another, these Divas continue to indulge their lavish and luxurious lifestyles in "prison paradise".  That is, until Beth is prematurely released (against her wishes) and the Divas, to their horror and dismay, are forced to room with a murderess.  Adding insult to injury the Department of Corrections has announced its intention to close the Delval facility due to mismanagement and relocate inmates to the less than glamorous Black Rock Federal Prison.


We find out how the Divas save Delval, solve a murder and reunite on a Roman holiday.  Its hilarious.  Who says crime doesn't pay.


We are delighted to announce the cast for Delval Divas as:

Stella Wild:  Sarah McGinty
Rosemary Adams:  Liz Gould                 
     Linda Robertson:  Paula Condliffe-Hughes

     Beth Ziegler:  Nicola Van Workom
         Lucille:  Carole Goodwin
 Sharon Watson:  Jodie Webber   


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