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The Accrington Pals.











Tia Gill
Bethany D'Avincourt Smith
Lucy Kirkbright

Ellie Hillman
Cheryl Barker
Greg Jones
Andrew Culshaw

Martin Riley
Stuart Rathe
George Jones




    DIRECTOR        Paul Kirkbright

Production Run


5th - 8th November


On the eve of the First World War the young men of Accrington hear Kitchener’s call for a New Army and become the smallest town in England to raise a Pals Volunteer Brigade. When they arrive in France, the brutal reality of the trenches is beyond anything they were prepared for. And back home amongst the women they leave behind – their mothers, wives, daughters, lovers – nothing can ever be the same again.


While the story itself is fiction, the background is reality. The Pals were formed and fought just as they are described as doing in the play. It looks at the story of the innocent and enthusiastic men who volunteered their services to their country. Their experiences of life on the Western Front are contrasted with the women who are left behind in Accrington, women who come together as friends and thrown into the social changes that came along with the absence of many men. The main characters, too, are contrasted; May, as independent, hard-working, fruit and veg stall holder, Tom, her lodger, as optimistic and idealistic and Eva, May's trusted and generous confidante and sweetheart of the laddish Ralph. The play has fun and light-hearted moments, which are starkly contrasted with the terrifying reality hundreds of men faced at the Battle of the Somme in 1916.


Peter Whelan’s epic and deeply humane play dramatises the lives of ordinary people caught up in historical events. Funny, intimate and moving ‘The Accrington Pals’ charts the fortunes of the young men of Lancashire who leave their homes and lovers for the trenches of the Somme. A moving and often comic evocation of the suffering of the women they left behind.





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Just got home after seeing Neston Players' "Accrington Pals". It was brilliant, very powerful, very moving. The acting was superb. Very difficult at times to contain the sobs. Well worth seeing. Thanks to all involved.



Well guys, what can I say? Once again you have raised the bar!! Fantastic, powerful performances through out which will stay with people fortunate enough to see it, as we remember those who had given their lives during the war leading up to armistice day. You have done yourselves proud!!

I went to see Accrington Pals on Wednesday . It was positively one of the most riveting, moving , sensitive, emotional performances, that I have ever had the pleasure to see. Everyone deserves huge congratulations... There were tears flowing for most of the evening ... from humourous to harrowing ...Great production From Paul Kirkbright, and all the cast should be very very proud of themselves...what a triumph NP. !! Loved it Loved it Loved it !! I will be back tomorrow night ... With my hanky in hand this time x

Just home from seeing this fabulous performance - fantastic from each and everyone, not a weak link in the entire cast (did see more of some than was advertised though - think you need to invest in a 'May contain nudity' sign!) I didn't cry myself, but many people around me did which is testament to the strong performances across the board. Well done all.

A searing and moving production from Neston Players. The performances were uniformly excellent. It was funny, shocking and powerful. Well done the whole of NP.

Massive congratulations on an absolutely outstanding production of The Accrington Pals! 
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and was blown away by the talent in your cast!

What a fantastic performance I was moved to tears and literally sat on the edge of my seat in parts.


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