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Directed By Cheryl Barker and Sarah McGinty

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Witness cropped image.png

By Order of Appearance


Greta                                   Isabelle Clarke

Carter                                  Gordon Wallis

Mr Mayhew                          Richard Dodd

Leonard Vole                        Gavin Persand

Sir Wilfrid Robarts QC           James Richards

Insp. Hearne                        David Noble

Policeman                            Simon Deere

Romaine                              Louise Ellinson

Clerk of the Court                 Sam Bevan

Mr Justice Wainwright           Martin Riley

Mr Meyers QC                      Stuart Harper

Jury                                    Jo Rymer /Maria Eden/Elaine Simcock

Public Gallery                       Alison Connolly/Pam Button

Court Stenographer              Emma Griffiths

Warder                                Neale Cooper

Dr Wyatt                              Isabelle Clarke

Janet Mackenzie                   Rebecca Burke Sharples

Elizabeth Clegg                     Helen Neal

Girl                                      Kitty Clements

Production Team

Production Managers             Cheryl Barker & Sarah McGinty

Directors                              Cheryl Barker & Sarah McGinty

Stage Manager                      Sarah McGinty

Assistant Stage Manager        Elaine Simcock

Costumes                             Ally Sullivan

Lighting                               Mike Palmer

Sounds                                Andy Rymer

Props (sourcing)                   Rebecca Burke Sharples

Make-up and Hair                 Lisa Dearnley

Marketing                            Cheryl Barker & Sarah McGinty

Programme Coordinator        Sarah McGinty 

Ticket Sales Coordinator        Sarah McGinty

Set Build                              Martin Barker

Front of House Coordinator    Cheryl Barker




Leonard Vole is accused of murdering a widow to inherit her wealth. 
His solicitor refers the case to the brilliant barrister, 
Sir Wilfrid Robarts, to lead the defence. The stakes are high with shocking witness testimony, impassioned outbursts from the dock 
and a young man’s fight to prove his innocence. 
Generally regarded as one of her most accomplished plays, 
this wonderful thriller will keep you guessing until the very end.


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